Saturday, June 27, 2015

Guy at wine bar that put his hand on my knee after buying me a glass

Him: "You want to come home with me?  I have an hour left before my wife gets home."
Me: "No thanks."
Him: "Come on.  My BMW is parked outside."
Me: "Why would I?"
Him: "Because I think you are beautiful."
Me: "What does your wife look like?  Is she beautiful?"
Him: "Typical L.A. type.  Skinny, blonde."
Me: "If you are attracted to women like me (ethnic, curvy) why didn't you marry one?"
Him: "You know how it is.  You gotta play the part in this town."

And later, as I was walking home, he pulls up in silver BMW...

Him: "We still have some time..."

Male co-worker

"The difference between a hot girl and a gorgeous girl:  A hot girl you just want to fuck a couple times.  A gorgeous girl you want to marry."

Almost every man I've dated

"I'm Busy."