Thursday, August 7, 2014

Online dating: I don't like cats

"Im just gonna do this, I can tell you get asked out in real life at least twice a day cause you posses the cutest face, the most awesome hair and the sweetest contaging peace kinda of smile so ! Im gonna be honest with you, I never meditaded in my life neither ever done yoga neither believe in all those christian things (and Italy is the temple for those things, lol) but I do like to think and believe some high level of spirit might be there to keep things sort of in balance! Im also a very practical person, you tell me a thing, prove me logically why I should believe it and you get me..... well I never do these things this early in the morning but me and my beard read your profile and decided to do it! haha! good morning and have a great day, and yes Im not vegetarian , and I dont like cats, maybe ruins it all for you, but its me , just the truth:)"